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Seeing as you've arrived at this website, maybe you can offer me some work...?!

The main aim of this website is that you get to know a little bit more about me, and consequently find that I'm just the man for some work you intend producing. On the other hand, if you've come here to have a nose, hello! Isn't there something more important you should be doing?

  • NAMEOwain Llŷr Edwards
  • D.O.B8.12.76
  • HEIGHT5'9"
  • BUILDMedium
  • EYE COLOURBlue/Green
  • HAIRNot a lot!
  • PHONE07814623905
  • EMAILpost@owainllyredwards.co.uk


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An actor or what?

I've trained and worked as an actor for years before taking a step back from the industry to focus on raising my children (four boys at the last count!)

Deciding to stay close to home meant finding different jobs and learning new skills, and that's been very useful. But now the children are a bit older I'm looking for performing work again, and letting people know about it - I guess that's how you came across this website...

I've performed in the theatre, on tv and film, in a radio play, voiced and pupeteered characters for children's programmes. Still interested....head over to the CV page



Aberystwyth University of Wales

BA Theatre Studies1995-1998
  • HEIGHT5'9"
  • BUILDMedium,
  • EYE COLOURBlue/Green
  • HAIRNot a lot!
  • ACCENTWelsh, good ear (two in fact)
  • SKILLSGitarist, singer, drummer sports


Production Part Director Company
Llyfr Glas Nebo Mr Thorpe/Dylan/Gwion Elgan Rhys Fran Wen
Costa Byw Dic Betsan Llwyd Bara Caws
Dygwyl Y Meirw Jac y Lantarn/Various Angela Roberts Seren Ddu a Mwnci
Na Nel Mr Bois/Bogel Jeremy Turner Arad Goch
Bwystfilod Various Angela Roberts Bara Caws
King Hit 9 Characters Tom Lycos Arad Goch
Not Me * Owain Llŷr Edwards Arad Goch
Sali Mali Jaci Soch/Siencyn y Siop/ Jac Do Jeremy Turner Arad Goch
Burning Monkey Old Sêra Moore Williams Arad Goch
Lleuad yn Olau Story-Teller Jeremy Turner Arad Goch
Shabŵm Twrw Iola Ynyr Fran Wen
The Stones Trouble Tom Lycos and Stefo Nantsou Arad Goch
Blodeuwedd Gwas/Servant Arwel Gruffydd Theatr Genedlaethol Cymru
Bx3 Guitarist Jeremy Turner Literature Wales/Arad Goch
Crash Musician Sêra Moore Williams Arad Goch
Riff Musician Sêra Moore Williams Arad Goch
Patgonia Iwan Marc Evans Verve Pictures
Yn yr Ardd Dilwyn the Hedgehog/Moc the Worm Rhys D Williams Fflic
Dwdlam Defi the Hedgehog Adrian Hedley Antplant
Nia Ben Aur Llafn/Guitarist Geinor Jones Theatr Na n'Og
Xtra (series 1 and 2) Karl Lowri Evans Ffilmiau'r Nant
Traeth Coch Dai Elen Bowman Teledu Opus
Battlestations Pilot Andrew Johnson Flashback/History Channel
Pengelli(7) 3 episodes Thief Sion Humphreys Ffilmiau'r Nant
Conffeti Luke Sêra Moore Williams Arad Goch
Gryfhead Enzo Lucy Gough Lupa Theatre
Morforwyn Drunkard Sêra Moore Williams Y Gymraes
Culwch and Olwen King Arthur Jeremy Turner Arad Goch
Dilema Performer Sêra Moore Williams labL
Priodi,Marw,Carchar Eilir Rolant Tomos Ffilmiau'r Nant
Cosbi Plant Dafydd Iola Ynyr Fran Wen
The Good Brig Credo Thief Jeremy Turner Arad Goch
Oresteia (Euripides) Orestes Lisa Lewis and Mike Pearson UWA Production
Cell y Grog (Saunders Lewis) Warden Rolant Tomos UWA Production
THe Imaginary Invalid (Moliere) Argan Ryland Teifi UWA Production


I was never a fan of the term resting actor and always wanted to learn new skills to use between acting jobs. So that's what I did.



I taught myself how to manipulate code to create simple websites to promote different business' of friends, and myself of course. This website is a fruit of that labour. I started a small company for this work, Eglur, with my talented graphic designer friend, Elgan Griffiths.


I decided to spend a year working towards a Translating qualification with the University of Wales so that I was able to do translating work from home.

Having finished the course and passed the exams i spent a year as a full time translator with a professional translating company,Cyfiaith. Whilst I was with them i passed the exams to qualify as a basic member of the Association of Welsh Translators and Interpreters.

I've also been part of a team proofreading a digital version of Geiriadur yr Academi.


Recently I composed and recorded the music for Arad Goch's production Not Me

I've played guitar in many of the theatre productions I've also acted over the years, composing the music myself mostly.A somewhat different experience was collaborating with three young poets to create a show of poems being read/performed to electric guitar music, a joint production between Literature Wales and Arad Goch called Bx3, where I performed with the poets Aneirin Karadog, Catrin Dafydd and Eurig Salisbury. I was guitarist in the band for the Urdd 2014 Youth's musical Dyma fi and before that for a local theatre company's production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat.

I combined the translating work with some audio editing whilst translating scripts and recording speech for a company specialising in audio guided tours called audiotrails.

This that and 'tother

Pafiliwn Bont

I spent two years working at the pavilion in Pontrhydfendiagaid. The job required a combination of skills whilst marketing, organising, sound and lighting tech...and this is when I got my cherry picker licence - oh yes!

This was all useful as one of a team that organised Gig Hanner Cant Cymdeithas Yr Iaith.

If you were there, I was the bald sweaty stage manager pushing bands on stage and begging them to come off on time.


Phone, email, come for a cuppa
(remember the biscuits)

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Thanks for getting in touch.

I'll get back to you as soon as I can.


I need to go find some photos of myself'in action' as it were, in the meantime, this is me posing.

The headshots were taken by Lleucu Meinir. Check out her website at lleucu.com


Click to see more photos.